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  • course discount

    25% off all courses anytime with no limit on the number of courses purchased with your member discount.

  • community

    Free monthly live events with our creators, membership community discussion board, quarterly membership bonus content

  • recipe box + archives

    A recipe box full of creative and inspiring ideas and access to the archive of past events

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Our membership is for people who are seeking accessible knowledge, generous networks and trustworthy guidance, who are also courageous, positive, curious, creative, vivacious, and cooperatively minded.
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  • How much does membership cost?

    $9.99 per month or $110.00 one time annual payment

  • Can I opt out anytime?

    If you choose the monthly option, you will be billed automatically month-to-month. Should you decide it is no longer for you, you can easily turn off your subscription to the membership. If you choose the yearly option, it is a year-to-year decision. When you opt out your access goes away.

  • How does the yearly plan bill?

    Your yearly subscription is based on the 12 months following signup, not the calendar year.

Upcoming Events for Members

What kind of events are included in membership?

We'll host monthly webinars or networking sessions to allow you to meet other members and hang out with our creators. These events are free for members and will sometimes be open only to the membership. Other times, these events will also be available to non-members, for a fee.

January 28

Member Welcome + Happy Hour

Welcome to our Charter Members! We'll enjoy a drink together as we introduce ourselves, sipping on a special recipe (non-alcoholic) that will be sent to new members. We'll also share what's in store for the membership in 2023, and beyond! Come, meet your people, and share your ideas.

February 11

Webinar: The Lexicon of Preserved Foods

Join our Creators for a discussion of the different categories of preserved foods. What does it mean to say that something is cured versus cultured? Fermented versus pickled? Is there overlap in some of the vocab we encounter as food preservation re-gains the respect it deserves? How can we, as fermenters, participate responsibly in the conversation by using the right words to describe our approaches to preservation?

March 11

Webinar: 5 Ways to Use Brine

Brine is beautiful! Brine is healthful! Brine is...everywhere, that is if you are a faithful fermenter. Can you reuse it? What other things can you do with it? Some answers may surprise you in this fun webinar (with recipes).

Membership Perk: The Recipe Box

The recipe box is set up as a repository for many recipes found deep within courses from our creators, as well as a few new additions only available in the Recipe Box. 

The recipes are broken down into these main subjects ( some of these subjects will appear in time as we continue to create more and more recipes for you):


All the recipes are downloadable and more will be added to the box with regularity, so members can come back and sort through the recipe cards often and download what they want to taste!