Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to koji making with Marika

    1. Materials list and koji “muro” (incubator)

    1. Preparing pearl barley for koji making

    2. Preparing rice for koji making

    1. Tane-koji (Koji starter, koji spores)

    2. Inoculating tane-koji to barley

    3. Inoculating tane-koji to rice

    1. Teire barley koji (unwrapping and mixing at 20-24 hours)

    2. Teire rice koji (unwrapping and mixing at 20-24 hours)

    1. Dekoji (harvesting) barley koji

    2. Dekoji (harvesting) rice koji

About this course

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  • 4 hours of video content

Why Koji?

Discover koji today

Koji was one of the essential raw materials in the history of Japanese food culture. Originally derived from a natural mold found in rice paddies by farmers, it has now been industrialized and almost all manufacturers of fermented foods and beverages in Japan use this mold, Aspergillus oryzae, to make koji to produce basic seasonings such as miso, soy sauce, sake, mirin and vinegar, to luxury products such as shio koji and amazake. In recent years, the world has been fascinated by the unusual aromas and flavors produced by koji itself, and its use, previously unthinkable in Japan, has brought us new knowledge and challenges in terms of food preservation and building a new food culture. As a native Japanese grown up with all these koji derived food and now living in Europe, Marika wants to share how this traditional technique can easily be applied by anyone at universal level.

You will learn

  • How to grow koji and where to buy it if you don't want to grow it yourself

  • How to grow koji, or where to buy it if you don't want to grow it yourselfText length of individual points can be shorter or longer depending on your needs

  • How to make miso, fermented bean paste

  • You will experience a close up view of the nature of Aspergills oryzae on rice

Creator bio

Meet your instructor

Marika Groen is a kojiologist, travelling brewer, photographer, writer, and the head of Malica Ferments. She was born in Japan, and is now based in Europe, where she shares philosophy and mythology of koji-making through three-day “Kojiology'' classes. In between instructing koji, miso, shoyu, doburoku sake, natto and a broad range of fermentation classes, she organizes an annual fermentation tour with brewery visits, field work, and wild-crafting tours. In 2021 she published the artistic manual Cosy Koji as a visual collaboration with her fellow fermenters.

Marika Groen Kawaguchi


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