The Fermentation School is a women-owned and women-led virtual education company that amplifies the voices of independent creators to empower learning and build culture. We believe that knowledge of and respect for the fermentation found in every level of the food system is key to people’s stewardship of earth, self, and community. In celebration of that belief, we bring together wisdom, perspective, skill, and inspiration into one unique, virtual community.

The Fermentation School is designed for sharing and empowerment. We not only center the creators, but we promote collectively, provide community support, and each instructor maintains creative control of their product. Additionally, our profit-sharing model favors the creator, not the platform, to ensure that knowledge sharers can continue to thrive. We are building a global community of female and femme-identifying educators to share knowledge about fermentation across the food system. In addition to prioritizing profit for independent creators, we are invested in the social impact of food system education, and in seeding research and teaching about food system resilience, either by assisting women in recording their knowledge and stories or making grants to fermentation and food system education.

The Fermentation School recruits passionate teachers who possess accessible, empowering knowledge to get people fermenting safely and confidently. Along the way, our commitment is to share information in a way that connects students and their fermentation projects back to the land and connects them to their fellow beings (many of them microscopic). Through community, we transform individuals, collectives, the food system, and the world by empowering people to be joyful stewards of their health, their relationships, and the planet on which we all depend.

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