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We are a collective of food authors and teachers who are fermenting a better food system for land, people, and the microbes on which we depend. Come on in and have a seat at our tables as we invite you into our spaces, share what we know and don't, and make space for an open exchange of ideas and expertise. We believe that bringing fermentation into your life can open up infinite possibilities, and our commitment is to provide accessible courses that share our deepest knowledge, and to give you the confidence, skill, and empowerment to follow your own fermentation journey.

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  • the Big Book of Cidermaking
  • the Ethical Meat handbook
  • Fermented Vegetables
  • Fiery Ferments
  • Homebrewed Vinegar
  • Miso Temeph Natto and other Tasty Ferments
  • One-Hour Dairy-Free Cheese
  • Pure Charcuterie
  • Semillas Para Todos

What students are saying

“The course is very interesting and full of options, ideas, and tips. After finishing it you can easily make your own fermented sausages and also have a clear idea on how to improve your process using all the recommendations and key points to check learned. It is perfect, and necessary, to start.”

Student, How to Make Fermented Sausage

Pablo T.S.

“A wonderful course! Kirsten, thank you so much for this course. It is exactly what I have been looking for. Every year I seem to have a glut of garlic and am never sure what to do with it, but now I know! The garlic paste has already become a firm favorite but the star of the course, has to be the black garlic. What an amazing taste! Thank you again.”

Student, Master Fermented Garlic

Sally G.

“Garum demystified! Great course from Meredith. I learnt about how garum fermentation works, is super-versatile and can be made with or without koji. Thank you.”

Student, How to Make Garum course

Alison K.

“Great information! I'm learning how to incorporate fermented foods into things I would not normally think of.”

Student, 30-day Fermentation Challenge

Rhonda C.

“Great beginner course! Really well-formatted and informative!”

Student, Koji Charcuterie

John S.

“If you are looking for accurate information about making your own hot sauces, this is the class for you. Christopher and Kirsten share their wealth of knowledge in a way that is valuable for the novice as well as for those who are already experimenting with the process. And online classes are a great way to learn without ever leaving your house! ”

Student, Learn to Make Fermented Hot Sauces

Gay D.


  • Can I go at my own pace?

    Yes! All our courses are self-paced. For most of our courses you will have access for a year or more to complete them.

  • What if I get stuck or need help?

    No worries, courses have discussions where you can post a question on a lesson. In addition, we have a growing community forum to reach out to of other students and our instructors.

  • What makes this school special?

    We are a collaborative of food authors and teachers that believe in the same thing. That we can ferment for a better food system.

  • Will there be more courses coming?

    In 2021 we are going to at least double our courses and our instructors. Contact us and let us know what you would like to see and we will let you know when its coming!


Hi! I'm Meredith. I've been working in food and farming for over 20 years, working to de-fragment and co-recreate the food system. When I started fermenting, it brought everything that I love and believe about working with plants, animals and the soil full circle to working with food in the kitchen. My favorite thing about fermentation is that it allows anyone anywhere in the world to harness the patterns of nature that drive life, giving people a super accessible window into the elemental vitality of the earth that both inspires us to live consciously and to hope for the future. I love teaching about fermentation because I get to carry that message, and empower people to take back their food and their health. My specialty is fermented meat products, but I also enjoy making veggie ferments, miso, and non-alcoholic fermented beverages. I'd say my biggest fermentation fail was the time I tried to ferment an entire sheep's stomach. Actually, the jury is still out on that one. I think it is still in my cellar somewhere... Anyway, I can't wait to share fermentation projects with you, and learn from you in turn! You can reach me at

Meredith Leigh


Hi, I'm Kirsten and I ferment things. I began fermenting on our 40-acres small holding of wooded hillside on unceded Takelma territory over 2 decades ago. I didn't have the language to say that was what I was doing, I just taught myself to preserve everything that we grew. I didn't have a clue or the internet but I had plenty of passion and idealism to figure out how it was done "old school" and maybe, most importantly, I had nobody that told me I couldn't do this. My passion for food systems has been with me for over 3 decades and at some point, the two collided and as my responsibilities to raising children waned. I found myself sharing the passion and joy of working with microbes to create delicious healthy food first locally then globally. In this desire to see everyone have access to fermentation I've co-written (with my husband Christopher) the books Fermented Vegetables, Fiery Ferments, Miso, Tempeh, Natto and Other Tasty Ferments, The Big Book of Cidermaking and Homebrewed Vinegar. I have a lot of great fails. I think working with tempeh has given me the most humility as I've learned to push it past soy beans. The most expensive fail was the 30 gallons of sauerkraut that was fine in all ways except the texture--which was spreadable like butter. There is no market for spreadable kraut--yet. I am delighted to be able to share what I know with you here. Feel free to reach out through this platform or at

Kirsten K. Shockey

Fermentation Educator & Author


Dr. Julia Skinner is the founder an director of Root, Atlanta’s fermentation and food history company. She is also a food writer, who recently completed a book on the history of fermentation, Our Fermented Lives, due out in 2022. As a visual artist, she regularly works with natural elements in her paintings, drawings, and calligraphy. You can see more of Julia’s art at, learn more about Root at, and follow her on Instagram at @bookishjulia and @rootkitchens

Dr. Julia Skinner

Soy Sole, gallega de raíz, viviendo y floreciendo en México los últimos 10 años. Soy doctora en Biología Vegetal, y tras finalizar mi postdoctorado, en 2015, decidí cambiar de rumbo y hacer lo que siempre había soñado: llevar la ciencia a las cocinas, escuelas, comunidades y hogares. Desde 2015 soy coordinadora de una Biblioteca Comunitaria de Semillas en México, SOMOS Semilla, junto a tres mujeres. Y es en 2018, cuando comencé a impartir talleres de vida simple, principalmente dirigidos a mujeres, sobre alquimia cosmética casera, limpieza del hogar, herbolaria, tintes naturales, autocuidado y, por supuesto, fermentación. Así nació Fermentos DA MEIGA. La fermentación me enseña todos los días sobre ciclos, transformación, cambios, paciencia, estaciones, naturaleza, respeto y amor. Estoy muy emocionada de tener la oportunidad de aprender y compartir más en español, ya que creo que los hispanohablantes necesitamos cada vez más recursos de fermentación y saberes tradicionales, para que podamos revivir estas prácticas ancestrales en el presente. Puedes seguirme en Instagram, con mis fermentos de @fermentosdameiga, y conocer también nuestro trabajo con la conservación de semillas en @somossemillasma.

Sole Saburido Álvarez


Alison Kay creates foods that enhance our biome, community and environment, working from her kitchen near Florence, Italy. She’s the founder of Ancestral Kitchen, where she shares traditional food wisdom, fermentation and joyful eating in a practical and easily-accessible way. You can find her at, on Instagram @ancestral_kitchen or on your podcast app by searching for Ancestral Kitchen Podcast.
Mara King is a native of Hong Kong, a chef as well as the co-founder and COO of Ozuké, a fermented foods business that distributes throughout the US. She believes that good food is an inherent part of good living and is always looking for ways to put food knowledge into practice. She helped to produce a series of short films on South Western Chinese fermentation practices with Sandor Katz and Mattia Sacco Botto in 2017 and is currently working on a book on Chinese Fermentation as well as the second series of People’s Republic of Fermentation that will focus on Taiwan and China’s Eastern provinces. You can find her most Tuesdays and Friday nights at Blofish Sushi in downtown Boulder serving some of the freshest cuts in Colorado. Mara's website is

Mara Jane King

Jori Jayne Emde is a Chef, Culinary Historian and Food Scientist. Her specialties are fermentation and alchemy with a focus on terroir. Jori practices her unique process of whole utilization: maximizing the yield from each ingredient through the processes of fermentation, preservation, and extraction. An Austin, TX native, Jori completed an associate degree in culinary arts from Le Cordon Bleu in 2002 before immediately moving to New York City. She promptly worked her way into the kitchen at Lupa Osteria Romana, where she was the first woman to ever work the pasta station in any of the then Batali/Bastianich establishments. From Lupa, Jori transferred to another Batali/Bastianich property, Esca, where she honed her skills and cultivated her passion for working with fresh fish. In 2004, Jori left the Batali/Bastianich empire and started working with Zakary Pelaccio at 5 Ninth Restaurant and then continued on to Fatty Crab. Working with Zak refined her palate and knowledge further, as she absorbed the techniques and flavors—heavily influenced by the Southeast Asian cuisines Zak mastered in Thailand and Malaysia. Jori spent much of her free time studying culinary history and learning and practicing fermentation methods. In 2011, Jori and Zak moved to the Hudson Valley and renovated a 150-year-old carriage house that became the widely acclaimed and award-winning restaurant Fish & Game. She was Co-Chef and responsible for the restaurant's impressive larder of ferments and preserves, both sweet and savory. That same year, Jori started her brand, Lady Jayne’s Alchemy. In 2019 Fish & Game was listed in Esquire's 40 Most Important Restaurants of the Decade. In 2018, Jori presented at Yale University for a Fermentation Intensive put on by Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking. Two years later, Fish & Game closed and Jori and Zak moved to Taos, New Mexico, where she launched a comprehensive online fermentation school. In 2021 Jori joined forces with Kirsten Shockey and Meredith Leigh and became an instructor in their female owned and operated online school, The Fermentation School. Jori has a certificate in Understanding Psilocybin: Effects, Neurobiology, and Therapeutic Approaches from Psychedelic Support. She also has an accredited certification with Cornell University on Medicinal Plants and holds many certificates of completion with the Alchemy Guild.

Jori Jayne Emde


Claudia Lucero is the founder and cheesemaker at Urban Cheesecraft. Claudia was raised with fresh Mexican cheeses. Nothing made her happier than visiting the cheese counters in Tijuana, Mexico for a soft queso fresco and then the tortilleria for a steamy corn tortilla. These grocery outings and simple streetside tacos shared with her nana were comfort food bliss! As she followed this appreciation of good food into adulthood, she came upon cheesemaking and dove in deep. Amazed by her new powers she set out to teach others. Since 2009, Claudia and Urban Cheesecraft have been on a mission to enable anyone to make simple, fresh cheeses with confidence and ease right in their own kitchen. Urban Cheesecraft began as an Etsy shop with a trio of DIY cheese kits. It has grown into including dairy-free cheese kits and wholesale partnerships with Williams Sonoma, 1800-Flowers, Whole Foods Market, Uncommon Goods and more. In addition, Claudia leads team-building experiences and classes online as well as in person, and she has written several books; One Hour Cheese, One Hour Dairy-Free Cheese, Instant Pot Cheese and the upcoming, Cooking with Whey. Claudia can be reached via

Claudia Lucero


Hannah Ruhamah, “The Kombucha Mamma”, is on a mission to “change the world, one gut at a time” by educating and empowering everyone to ferment food and drink safely at home, just as we have throughout human history. In 2004 she founded Kombucha Kamp, and has been brewing Kombucha and educating others about how easy it is to make this delicious and healthy “longevity elixir” ever since. What began as a love of lip-puckering brew, this enjoyable process has evolved into her passion and lifestyle. From homebrew hobbyist, to educator, to Master Brewer to best-selling, award winning author, to the president and co-founder of Kombucha Brewers International, Hannah has grown her business organically as her experience has deepened. At Kombucha Kamp, we are committed to providing the most accurate and up-to-date information to Kombucha lovers, homebrewers and Kombucha entrepreneurs at any stage in their experience.


Instructor Bio:

Andrea Martín Leache es experta en Fermentación de Plantas Silvestres desde hace más de 5 años. En 2021 publicó su primer libro sobre fermentos silvestres titulado "Los fermentos del bosque: guía básica para fermentar plantas silvestres", nominado a los Gourmand Cookbook Awards 2022. Ha impartido talleres de Fermentos Silvestres y Cosmética Natural Fermentada en el Museo Ambiental de Pamplona, Baratza Kafea y en los ayuntamientos de Huarte, Egüés y Aranguren.

Andrea Martín Leache



Instructor Bio:

Llevo mas de 20 años fermentando y mas de 10 impartiendo clases, seminarios y cursos online. En 2018 decidí publicar mi primer libro sobre fermentación y eso fue una gran revolución. A partir de ese momento empezaron a crecer burbujas de nuevos proyectos y la posibilidad de compartir lo que mas me gusta hacer. Además, soy madre de 3 hijas y adoro la cocina en general. Autora del libro: Fermentación: Como crear recetas saludables, sencillas y transformadoras.

Nerea Zorokiain Garin