Course curriculum

  • 02

    Welcome to Miso Class

  • 03

    Koji -- A brief introduction

    • What is Koji?

    • Sourcing Koji Grains

    • How-to hydrate dried koji

  • 04

    What makes a miso/tasty paste?

    • How is miso made? Just 4 Ingredients equal infinite possibility

    • What is seed miso and do I need it?

    • Clay, Wood, Plastic and Glass: The Renaissance of Ambient Fermentation Vessels and How to Find the One that’s Right for You

  • 05

    Let's talk about legumes

    • How to Soak Beans

    • Introduction to Beans

    • How to Steam Soy Beans

    • Cooking Beans Stove Top

  • 06

    Putting it all together

    • Let's Make a Traditional-style Miso

    • How long does miso last? Aging and storing your miso and tasty pastes

    • Let's Make Shiitake Tasty Paste (or Mushroom Miso)

    • Build more skills: Bread Tasty Paste, using the tasty paste technique for a zero-waste kitchen

  • 07

    Miso Soup Recipes

    • Cuppa Miso -- simple drinking miso

    • More resources for you