Welcome to the 12 days of Ferments

This 12-day of Ferments holiday bonus is a wonderful collaboration of our sister creators. It is an example of how we designed The Fermentation School. We bring you diverse learning perspectives, steeped in the tradition and informed creativity of our amazing creators. 

This kind of online content not only builds your skills in fermentation and cooking but empowers you to then infuse those skills with your own signature inspiration, be it from the place where you live, or memories from loved ones and recipes passed down through generations. 

If you purchases a course during our 2022 12 days of ferments promotion you will find the full bonus content in your dashboard. If you joined us through email you can access the content without further ado right here.

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We can’t wait to see your results! Remember that you have joined a community of doers, makers, and creative connectors. In addition to your course or gift, you get access to our free online community forum, where you can share your successes, questions, photos, and challenges as you continue your fermentation journey. You will find the TFS community in your student dashboard.

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