Course curriculum

    1. Welcome!

    1. Mason Jar Accessories

    2. History of Mason Jars eBook

    3. All About Jars: Mason Jars 101

    4. The Current State of Mason Jars

    5. Can I Freeze a Mason Jar?

    6. Frequently Asked Questions About Mason Jars and Lids

    1. How to Remove a Label from a Mason Jar Method 1

    2. How to Remove a Label from a Mason Jar Method 2

    3. How to Clean a Vintage Cloudy Mason Jar

    4. Multi-Purpose Cleaner with Vinegar

    5. Cleaning Recipe

    1. Sweet Pickle Refrigerator Recipe

    2. Fermenting Made Easy eBook

    3. Easy Fermenting Salsa Recipe

    4. Fermenting Giardiniera Recipe

    5. Kefir How-to & Recipes: ebook Download

    6. A Twist on Sauerkraut - Recipe for Fermentation

    7. Sugar Free Jam Recipe

    1. Stocking a Pantry

About this course

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  • 23 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content

From Canning to Cleaning

Mason Jars Living

Mason jars are one of the most beloved products in the world. In many ways, they’ve transcended their original purpose as a mere means of food preservation. From canning and fermenting to cleaning and storage, there are nearly endless ways to put your Mason jars to work.

Karen Rzepecki, President and Founder of reCAP®, is here to teach you everything you need to know about these timeless vessels. In her online debut class, Karen teaches you how to lead a more sustainable, healthy lifestyle with the help of your trusted Mason jars. The course starts by teaching you about the:

  • History of Mason jars
  • Sustainability
  • Best accessories for Mason jars

 After learning this foundational information, Karen demonstrates the many uses and benefits of Mason jars. This course will show you:

  • All the methods of preserving and storing food in jars
    • Canning
    • Fermenting
    • Freezing
    • Pickling
  • How to make all-natural cleaning products
  • How to organize a pantry and other storage tips


What you will learn

  • Why Mason jars are still the most multi-purpose, sustainable containers on earth.

  • A deep history of jars including new accessories, practices of reusing and recycling jars

  • All the methods of preserving and storing food in jars (canning, fermenting, freezing, and more!)

  • How to Make all-natural cleaning products

  • How to organize a Pantry and storage tips

Meet Your Instructor

Instructor Bio:

Karen is the founder of Mason Jars Company, makers of reCAP® Mason Jar Accessories and home goods marketplace. reCAP® revolutionized one of the most common household products: the Mason jar. What she loves most about Mason jars is how multi-purpose they are – from preserving to storing to serving food. With a passion for solving problems, Karen began building the maker-made, product-vetted marketplace, Shoppers can now browse a multitude of makers while still supporting small, local businesses. American-Made & Erie-Strong! Raised in Erie, Pennsylvania, Karen’s vision for reCAP is to keep it local and strengthen her hometown community.

Karen Rzepecki