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January 28

Members Only Web Gathering

Welcome to our Charter Members! We'll introduce ourselves and enjoy a tasty beverage together (recipe included in your welcome email). We'll also share what's in store for the membership in 2023 and beyond! Come, meet your people, and share your ideas. What: Zoom Meet + Greet When: Jan 28, 2023 1:30pm ET / 10:30 am PT

February 11

Webinar: The Lexicon of Preserved Foods

What does it mean to say that something is cured versus cultured? Fermented versus pickled? Is there overlap in some of the vocab we encounter as food preservation re-gains the respect it deserves? How can we, as fermenters, participate in the conversation by establishing consistent terms to describe our approaches to preservation? What: Zoom Webinar When: February 11, 2023 10:30am PT / 1:30pm ET Facilitated by: Jori Jayne Emde

March 2023

Webinar: 5 Ways to Use Brine

Good brine is the key to tasty lactofermented vegetables, and once you are on a roll, you may find you have brine to spare. Packed with all of the flavor and beneficial microbes from your ferments, brine can become an indispensable secret ingredient in your kitchen. TFS Creators will share ideas and recipes in this playful webinar. What: Zoom Webinar When: March 11, 2023 10:30am PT / 1:30pm ET Facilitated by: Helena del Pesco

April 2023

Webinar Tour: Fermentation Stations!

Join TFS creators as they show off their unique fermentation spaces. Whether you are fermenting in the kitchenette of a studio apartment or the temperature-controlled proofer of a commercial kitchen, you might just gain some new ideas for your own fermentation realm. What: Zoom Webinar Tour When: TBA, sometime in April 2023 Facilitated by: Kirsten Shockey

May 2023

Webinar: Fun with Gelatin

What is Gelatin? Where does it come from and how can you use it? As aspics and gels experience a revival, join us for a discussion on the source, health benefits, and use of gelatin in the kitchen. What: Zoom Webinar When: TBA, sometime in May 2023 Facilitated by: Meredith Leigh

June 2023

Webinar: Which is Better for Me, Kombucha or Kraut?

"Which is better for me?" This is a question we hear a lot from people just getting into making and eating fermented foods. Join TFS creators to discuss the different potential health benefits of some of the most approachable ferments, and why you may consider one over the other based on your circumstances. What: Webinar When: TBA, sometime in June 2023

July 2023

Webinar: Fermentation Gear

Let's talk about our favorite fermentation equipment! This is a networking event and show-and-tell between creators and members. We will cover the gear we love for making all kinds of ferments, from airlocks and crocks to refractometers and pH strips. What: Zoom Networking When: TBA, sometime in July 2023 Facilitated by: Kirsten Shockey

August 2023

Webinar: 5 Ways to Use Vinegar

Join our vinegar-making queens for inspired and unconventional ideas for using vinegar in your cooking. Your homemade vinegar collection can take you farther than dressings, sauces, and pickles! Recipes and techniques range from sweet to savory, for cooks of all skill levels. What: Webinar When: TBD, sometime in August 2023 Facilitated by Jori Jayne Emde & Kirsten Shockey

September 2023

Webinar: Using Dehydration w/ Fermentation

Dehydrated ferments are fun and versatile. Want to turn food scraps into inventive seasoning powders? Want to produce your own backpacking meals? Join this webinar to explore how, when and why you might dehydrate fermented products and ideas for recipes, storage, and use. What: Webinar When: TBD, sometime in September 2023 Facilitated by: Helena del Pesco

October 2023

5 Ways to Use Miso

Miso is more than soup! Join our creators and your fellow members for a discussion on the versatile uses of miso in your cooking. Recipes and techniques range from baked goods to savory sauces for cooks of all skill levels. What: Webinar When: TBD, sometime in October 2023

November 2023

Webinar: 5 Ways to Use Koji

Koji adds flavor and texture oomph to any food, and can be used in many different forms. Whether you are a koji novice or an advanced maker, join this webinar to learn how koji is used in cooking. Recipes included. What: Webinar When: TBD, sometime in November 2023

December 2023

Webinar: Happy Holidays Gathering

Join us for a membership holiday event, where we will share traditions, recipes, and community joy for a fabulous fermented holiday season. What: Networking Zoom When: TBD, sometime in early December 2023