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    (Webinar Recording) Mold on Pickles- How do I Know if My Fermented Foods are Safe

    • Webinar Recording Part 1: Introductions and Most Asked Questions about Fermentation Safety

    • Webinar Recording part 2: How Often Can I Check Ferments? Or Should I Leave them Alone?

    • Webinar Recording Part 3: Can I Ferment Cooked Vegetables?

    • Webinar Recording Part 4: Fruit Fermentation and Methods for adding Sweetness

    • Chat from Webinar

Is Home Fermentation Scary? Is it Safe?

So you tried fermenting at home once, but something went wrong, and you just couldn’t bring yourself to eat it.

Or, you’ve fermented at home successfully with some stuff, but other stuff just feels too scary.

You’re not alone! Join the experts at The Fermentation School for a webinar to soothe your doubts.

This event will be recorded, so you don't have to attend live, but you'll only get the recording if you register! So go ahead and sign up!

This Webinar Covers

  • Expert tips for keeping home ferments safe

  • Troubleshooting for common issues like mold on pickles or sauerkraut, sodas not getting fizzy, or mushy textures.

  • Questions from the audience

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