Learn to Make Tempeh

Making tempeh at home is easy and gives you unparallelled freshness and complete control of ingredients.

Tempeh is, for lack of a better definition, is a fermented bean food that is bound together by the a dense mycelium, rhizapus oligasporus. It is a traditionally made from soy beans, sometimes with other nuts or seeds. It is now made from any bean or grain. This fermentation produces a nutrient rich, high quality food. It is truly a gift to the world from Indonesia. Whether you are eating a plant based diet or not, tempeh is an amazing addition to anyone's diet. It is an environmentally sustainable food. It is loaded with flavor, meaty mouthfeel, and nutrients. The best part being fermented is the legumes are pre-digested for you making all these nutrients more available for your body.

What's Included

This is the most complete tempeh course available. It took us months to create, here is all that is included.

  • 109 minutes of instruction videos

  • 29 minutes of bonus videos

  • 3 workbooks, 5 recipe cards

  • Interactive assignments with the instructors.

  • Official certificate upon completion

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nice and easy way of learning

nice and easy way of learning

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