Garlic is tasty as is, but the flavors of fermented garlic are uniquely delicious and the health benefits are significantly increased. In many cases, the pungency is mellowed, and the natural sugars are brought to the forefront. There are many ways to ferment garlic and this class will introduce you to them. Beyond flavor, fermented garlic is a great way to preserve garlic and is simply convenient. A jar of pre-made fermented garlic paste will save you an incredible amount of time every time you are in a hurry to bring a meal to the table. A spoon of the fermented garlic paste will take the place of peeling and mincing fresh garlic for dressing, sauces, garlic bread, you name it.

What You Will Learn

  • Why fermentation is a good way to preserve garlic

  • How to use lactic acid fermentation to preserve garlic in pastes or as garlic pickles

  • How to make honey fermented garlic

  • How to make black garlic

  • How to ferment garlic pesto

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to this fermented garlic class

    • Let's ferment garlic

  • 02

    Curing and Storing Garlic

    • Understanding how to preserve garlic

  • 03

    How to lacto-ferment garlic

    • How to make fermented garlic pickles

    • How to make fermented garlic paste

    • Fermented Garlic Pesto

  • 04

    How to make fermented honey garlic

    • Make your own honey fermented garlic

  • 05

    How to make black garlic

    • What is black garlic? Is black garlic fermented?

    • How to make black garlic

    • When is the black garlic finished

  • 06

    More resources for you

    • Troubleshooting Fermented Garlic that Turned Blue

    • More Garlic fermentation Resources


Instructor Bio:

Hi, I'm Kirsten and I ferment things. I began fermenting on our 40 acre small-holding over 2 decades ago. I didn't have the language to say that was what I was doing, I just taught myself to preserve everything that we grew. I didn't have a clue or the internet but I had plenty of passion and idealism to figure out how it was done "old school" and maybe, most importantly, I had nobody that told me I couldn't do this. The passion around food systems has been with me for over 3 decades and at some point the two collided and as my responsibilities to raising children waned. I found myself sharing the passion and joy of working with microbes to create delicious healthy food first locally then globally. In this desire to see everyone have access to fermentation I've co-written (with my husband Christopher) the books Fermented Vegetables, Fiery Ferments, Miso, Tempeh, Natto and Other Tasty Ferments, The Big Book of Cidermaking and forthcoming Homebrewed Vinegar. I have a lot of great fails. I think working with tempeh has given me the most humility as I've learned to push it past soy beans. The most expensive fail was the 30 gallons of sauerkraut that was fine in all ways except the texture--which was spreadable like butter. There is no market for spreadable kraut--yet. I am delighted to be able to share what I know with you here. Feel free to reach out through this platform or at

Kirsten K. Shockey

Fermentation Educator & Author