The Most Accessible Guide to Meat Curing

This is Meredith Leigh's flagship charcuterie course- a step by step immersion into curing the whole hog. From bacon to sausage to salami to koji charcuterie, it's all here, intertwined with insights on ethical sourcing, sustainable production, fresh cookery, vegetable fermentation to accompany, and creative flavor pairing. Tailored to any skill level, this course will be useful to the beginner as well as the professional chef. Combining traditional technique with modern culinary adaptations, this course is a one-of-a-kind intensive that will have you curing meat confidently and safely in the home kitchen. With additional modules and bonus material with Meredith to be continually added at no additional cost, it's also the best bang for your buck in terms of accessing the ever expanding knowledge base. 

You Will Learn

  • Whole animal butchery (focus on the hog, with discussion and application to other species)

  • History and Purpose of Charcuterie both culturally, in food systems, and in the diet

  • Food safety fundamentals for charcuterie production

  • Sausage making, salami making, suspensions (such as bologna), and making pâtés

  • Dry curing of meat

  • How fermentation and curing works across the culinary spectrum, and how these processes layer and combine in charcuterie production

  • Creating climate controlled curing chambers for fermentation and drying

  • Koji charcuterie for both whole muscle and sausage fermentation

  • Making confit, rilletes, and terrines

  • How to Smoke Meats, What woods to use for smoking, and how to build a smoker

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the Course!

    2. Introducing Meredith Leigh

    3. Why Whole Animal Butchery Is Important

    4. Food Safety

    1. Tools for Home Butchery

    2. Mindful Slaughter Overview and Important Butchery Vocabulary Terms

    3. PRIMAL CUTS - Removing the Pork Shoulder Primal

    4. PRIMAL CUTS - Removing the Pork Ham Primal

    5. PRIMAL CUTS - Removing the Pork Loin and Belly Primals

    6. SUBPRIMAL & CURING CUTS - Pork Belly Butchery

    7. SUBPRIMAL & CURING CUTS - Pork Loin Butchery

    8. SUBPRIMAL & CURING CUTS - Pork Shoulder Butchery

    9. SUBPRIMAL & CURING CUTS - Pork Ham Butchery

    10. Hog Butchery Review & Bonus Recipe

    1. Dry Curing Meats: The Role of Salt & Equilibrium

    2. How to Use Curing Salts

    3. How to Make Bacon

    4. How to Make Pancetta

    5. How to Make Lonza

    6. How to Trim the Coppa

    7. How to Make Coppa or Capicola

    8. Hanging Cured Meats for Aging

    1. How to Make Sausage: Recipe & Ingredients

    2. Sausage Making Equipment and Processing Principles

    3. How to Grind Meat for Sausage

    4. Casings for Sausage Making

    5. How to Stuff Sausage

    6. How to Make Sausage Links

    7. Sausage Making Review

    1. Recipes and Techniques for Making Pâtés

    1. Recipe and Technique for Homemade Bologna

About this course

  • $875.00
  • 83 lessons
  • 13 hours of video content


Instructor Bio:

Hi! I'm Meredith. I've been working in food and farming for over 20 years, working to de-fragment and co-recreate the food system. When I started fermenting, it brought everything that I love and believe about working with plants, animals and the soil full circle to working with food in the kitchen. My favorite thing about fermentation is that it allows anyone anywhere in the world to harness the patterns of nature that drive life, giving people a super accessible window into the elemental vitality of the earth that both inspires us to live consciously and to hope for the future. I love teaching about fermentation because I get to carry that message, and empower people to take back their food and their health. My specialty is fermented meat products, but I also enjoy making veggie ferments, miso, and non-alcoholic fermented beverages. I'd say my biggest fermentation fail was the time I tried to ferment an entire sheep's stomach. Actually, the jury is still out on that one. I think it is still in my cellar somewhere... Anyway, I can't wait to share fermentation projects with you, and learn from you in turn! You can reach me at [email protected]

Meredith Leigh

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