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    • Cooking with Whey Webinar Recording

Cooking with Whey 😎 Whey Cool Webinar

Limited time only

Dairy fermenters rejoice!

We are looking at you  yogurt makers, cheesemakers, lovers of skyr, kefir, and clabber:

A FREE webinar with Claudia Lucero on Cooking with Whey on October 26th, 2022 at 8pm ET / 5pm PT. 

Get ready to be so inspired! Creator Claudia Lucero (your instructor for Cheesemaking for Beginners) has released a brand new book called Cooking with Whey, featuring super creative recipes for those large quantities of whey by-product that every cheesemaker knows all too well. 

During the webinar, Claudia will chat live with Kirsten Shockey about some of her favorite recipes to make with whey, to boost flavor, decrease waste, and celebrate nutrient-dense eating. 

They will be chatting about whey ice cream sandwiches, whey-fortified soups, inventive whey cocktails and mocktails, and other beverages, appetizers, desserts, and dips. Recipe downloads will be made available with the webinar recording.

Also, during the webinar, Claudia will be announcing a very special gift related to her upcoming new course at The Fermentation School: DIY Mozzarella!

This event will be free if you sign up in advance, and you'll have ongoing access plus a special gift on Claudia's newest class. But if you wait, you'll end up paying, because the webinar will be re-released later for a fee. You don't want to miss this!

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Meet the author

Claudia Lucero is the founder and cheesemaker at Urban Cheesecraft. Claudia was raised with fresh Mexican cheeses. Nothing made her happier than visiting the cheese counters in Tijuana, Mexico for a soft queso fresco and then the tortilleria for a steamy corn tortilla. These grocery outings and simple streetside tacos shared with her nana were comfort food bliss! As she followed this appreciation of good food into adulthood, she came upon cheesemaking and dove in deep. Amazed by her new powers she set out to teach others. Since 2009, Claudia and Urban Cheesecraft have been on a mission to enable anyone to make simple, fresh cheeses with confidence and ease right in their own kitchen. Urban Cheesecraft began as an Etsy shop with a trio of DIY cheese kits. It has grown into including dairy-free cheese kits and wholesale partnerships with Williams Sonoma, 1800-Flowers, Whole Foods Market, Uncommon Goods and more. In addition, Claudia leads team-building experiences and classes online as well as in person, and she has written several books; One Hour Cheese, One Hour Dairy-Free Cheese, Instant Pot Cheese and Cooking with Whey. Claudia can be reached via

Claudia Lucero


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