Course curriculum

  • 01

    Hello from Claudia Lucero

  • 02


    • Workbook - Prep, Instructions and Resources

  • 03

    Prep for Mozzarella Making - Ingredients and Equipment

    • Ingredients for Making Mozzarella and String Cheese

    • Equipment for Making Mozzarella and String Cheese

    • Optional Equipment for Making Mozzarella and String Cheese

  • 04

    Transforming Milk into Curd

    • Acidify and Warm Milk to 90F

    • Add Rennet and Wait for Coagulation

    • Cut and Cook Curd to 105F-110F

    • Choose Microwave or Hot Water Bath Methods

  • 05

    Microwave Method - Stretching Curd into Cheese

    • Microwave Stretching Equipment

    • Microwave - Stretching Curd, Shaping Mozzarella and String Cheese

    • Microwave Results - Reveal and Taste

  • 06

    Hot Bath Method - Stretching Curd into Cheese (no microwave)

    • Hot Bath Stretching Equipment and Salt Info

    • Hot Bath - Stretch and Shape First Batch, Focus on Heating Curd Properly

    • Hot Bath - Stretch and Shape Second Batch, More Practice

    • Hot Bath - Final Stretch and Shape, String Cheese Variation and Adding Spices

    • Hot Bath - Reveal and Taste

  • 07

    Pep Talk

    • Cheers and a Little Pep Talk

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Cynthia Clark

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“I love Claudia's teaching style. Her videos are easy to follow and understand.”

“I love Claudia's teaching style. Her videos are easy to follow and understand.”

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Make Your Own Mozzarella Today!

How can we make mozzarella and string cheese in under an hour? While we still use enzymes (rennet) and acidification like the vast majority of cheesemaking processes require, we use an already fermented acid called citric acid to help us cut the time and guesswork. Adding citric acid directly to the milk rather than adding cultures and allowing the milk to acidify over several hours is a great time-saving trick for beginners and anyone tight on time. Aside from saving time, however, adding an exact amount of acid makes it possible for us to stretch this curd into cheese, as Italian “pasta filata” style cheeses always are because the acidity level is predictable. If the milk is cultured over time to acidify, a pH monitor must be checked several times over many hours before stretching can occur. A worthwhile slow food process but one many beginners can be intimidated by. 

I think we can agree that making any cheese at home, still feels and counts as slow food in today’s convenience packaged food world! Mozzarella and string cheese made in this quick way gives the new cheesemaker a confidence boost (with delicious wholesome results!) that can encourage them to move on to more complex processes.
Turning milk into curd and curd into mozzarella and string cheese feels almost magical and my goal is to inspire awe and curiosity in the kitchen so more people can take food production into their own hands! In this class, we will do just that, transform milk and learn to stretch mozzarella and string cheese by hand both in the traditional water bath method and in a microwave. Claudia will guide you and share her process, favorite tips, common mistakes and provides email support should you have questions when you give it a go.

You Will Learn

  • How to select the ingredients and equipment for making mozzarella and string cheese.

  • How to select the best milk for cheesemaking.Text length of individual points can be shorter or longer depending on your needs

  • How to turn milk into curds and whey.

  • How to stretch curd into mozzarella balls and string cheese using a traditional hot water bath and using a microwave method.

  • How to flavor your final cheese with herbs, spices and infused salts.

Meet Your Creator

Instructor Bio:

Claudia Lucero is the founder and cheesemaker at Urban Cheesecraft. Claudia was raised with fresh Mexican cheeses. Nothing made her happier than visiting the cheese counters in Tijuana, Mexico for a soft queso fresco and then the tortilleria for a steamy corn tortilla. These grocery outings and simple streetside tacos shared with her nana were comfort food bliss! As she followed this appreciation of good food into adulthood, she came upon cheesemaking and dove in deep. Amazed by her new powers she set out to teach others. Since 2009, Claudia and Urban Cheesecraft have been on a mission to enable anyone to make simple, fresh cheeses with confidence and ease right in their own kitchen. Urban Cheesecraft began as an Etsy shop with a trio of DIY cheese kits. It has grown into including dairy-free cheese kits and wholesale partnerships with Williams Sonoma, 1800-Flowers, Whole Foods Market, Uncommon Goods and more. In addition, Claudia leads team-building experiences and classes online as well as in person, and she has written several books; One Hour Cheese, One Hour Dairy-Free Cheese, Instant Pot Cheese and Cooking with Whey. Claudia can be reached via

Claudia Lucero


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