Tofu is fun and easy.  Nothing compares to how good it tastes when it is fresh and homemade.  Join chef and fermentation writer Mara King for some hands on skills, background knowledge and tips for making tofu and soy milk with ease at home.

You will learn:

  • different approaches to making soy milk / tofu depending on what kinds of equipment you have available

  • how even though soy is hard to digest with the right techniques you can access amazing flavor and nutrition

  • tips to refine your tofu making skills

  • ideas for what to do with "okara" the byproduct of soymilk and tofu making

Course curriculum

  • 01


  • 02

    Let's Make Tofu

    • Selecting & Soaking Soybeans

    • BONUS Lesson: Diving deeper—What is Koji?

    • How to Make Tofu (and Soy Milk)

    • Making Soymilk for tofu- Method 1

    • Making Soymilk for tofu - Method 2

    • Tofu Coagulation

    • Curds from Whey Tofu Style

    • Unveiling Homade Tofu

  • 03

    Leveling Up

    • Okara

    • Tips for leveling up your tofu game

Meet Your Instructor

Instructor Bio:

Mara King is a native of Hong Kong, a chef as well as the co-founder and COO of Ozuké, a fermented foods business that distributes throughout the US. She believes that good food is an inherent part of good living and is always looking for ways to put food knowledge into practice. She helped to produce a series of short films on South Western Chinese fermentation practices with Sandor Katz and Mattia Sacco Botto in 2017 and is currently working on a book on Chinese Fermentation as well as the second series of People’s Republic of Fermentation that will focus on Taiwan and China’s Eastern provinces. You can find her most Tuesdays and Friday nights at Blofish Sushi in downtown Boulder serving some of the freshest cuts in Colorado. Mara's website is

Mara Jane King